20 Mind Boggling and Weird Facts About World War 2.

  1. Until 1940 there was well-established Nazi party in the United States, which was beckoned by many people among which most, noticeable was Henry Ford who financially backed the party. All this ceased when the United States become involved in the war, especially after the Pearl Harbor incident.
    Henry Ford with Nazi officials


  2. During World War 2 British got three sheets of toilet paper per day while American got 22 per day.
  1. There is only one recording of Adolf Hitler in which he talks in a normal tone (none prepared) all of his recorded tones were recorded in speech tone. Many people refuse the existence of such recordings
  1. During world war in 1939, Finland was attacked by USSR. Although USSR’s population was 41 times that of Finland USSR suffered nearly 1 million casualties compared to Finland’s 70000. Which makes it the most one-sided casualties in any large-scale conflict in the history.
Encyclopedia of safety
  1. Only 20% of males who were born in Soviet Union in 1923 survived the war.
David Doughty
  1. U-boat was the German submarines used during the first and Second World War. According to an estimation, only one out of four men serving U-boat survived.
Military Factory
  1. While Adolf Hitler waged war on Allied his own nephew served in US Navy during World War 2.
history by zim.com
  1. In 1941 during World War 2, the military of United States was smaller than Romanian Army. By the summer of 1941romaina had fielded 700,000 compared to 500,000 of United States. However, Romanians lacked the supplies to back that much military.
  1. Adolf Hitler and Henry Ford were close. Henry Ford had donated money to Adolf Hitler a couple of time. They were so close that each of them had frame picture of each other on their desk.
  1. It is estimated that the United States had fed nearly 6 million of Soviet citizen regularly along with their own 11 million American military personals during the war.
WWII Forums
  1. During the World War 2, Japan used Mexico as the center for its spies. The Largest Japanese ring of spy was located in Mexico.
  1. V2 Rockets were the most advanced weaponry during World War 2 and more V2 rockets fell on Belgium than they did on the United Kingdom.
Wikimedia Commons
  1. The atom bomb was the most devastating weapon created by any country during World War 2. With this weapon, America targeted two big cities of Japan Had it been necessary the third target would have been Tokyo.
Los Angeles Times
  1. During USSR invasion the Germans employed over 3 million pack animals most of which were used for various purposes from towing artery to riding to supply train most of them ended up as food during Harsh winter.
  1. The Mortality Rate of POWs (Prisoners of War) in Russian camps was 85%, which was far lesser than any other camps during the war.
  1. During the war era from December 7, 1941, and September 22, 1945, it was illegal in the United States to sell a new car. New cars were not produced during the entire era of war any person caught storing or selling a new car would risk imprisonment.
  1. The siege of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest battle in World War 2. The battle of Stalingrad resulted in more Russian deaths then the United States and British sustained combined in entire war.
War on the Rocks
  1. Adolf Hitler was famous for his brutality but Stalin killed more people during the purges, which estimate total 25 million against Hitler’s 12 million during World War 2
The Canadian Jewish News
  1. Russia’s winter is harsh which one of the main reason was for the deaths of German soldiers. In fact, Germany lost more people to frostbite then it did to Soviet Army.
  1. The total causalities in World War 2 are estimated between 50 to 70 million people. 80% of those casualties came from just four countries Russia, China, Germany, and Poland. 50% of those casualties were reported as civilians.


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