10 Must See Celebrities Then and Now Differences

You think you know your celebs, yet do you remember what they used to resemble? A long way from being the perfect stars they are today, look at this diverse bundle of dodgy perms, trim tops and terrible blanch jobs! Presently, don’t you feel only somewhat better?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one the top actors of Hollywood he has evolved so much that he looks very different. Back then, his front teeth were crocked. Even his hair color was different instead of brown they were black.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has changed slightly over the past 10 years. Most detectable, he has made sense of how to tame his curls from his NSync days. JT beyond any doubt knows how to look different in a suit.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman looks very different than the way she looked back when she was 17. Back then, her hair was curly and her face was more rounded now that has changed. It seems like she is getting beautiful with passing time.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was the jewel of Playboy magazine back when she was younger. Her beauty made a spot for her on the big screen and a TV series. She was famous for her curves during her glory day but now it seems like her curves have all just vanished but she had retained her features.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes does not seem to have aged much since her days on Dawson’s Creek. She got her enormous break in Batman Begins. From that point forward, Katie has most likely turned out to be better known for her marriage to Tom Cruise.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is one of the most established actors of Hollywood at present time. He is the highest paid actor of 2017. Wahlberg started his career as a rapper but now he is mostly known for his acting in fact many people do not even know that he was a rapper. It seemed like he has not changed much since his teenage days.

Daniel Radcliffe

The pudding bowl hair will dependably say Harry Potter to us. Be that as it may, while Daniel Radcliffe is not anymore the much-cherished wizard, despite everything he looks truly amazing after the passing time and changed a lot from his Harry Potter days

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan started her career as a Disney kind. She has evolved so much from her Disney days that Lohan now looks a completely different woman. Although her career as an actress is nearly over. She will be remembered as Disney girl.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has changed much from his time as a young man for starters he had lost his hair and has gone bald. The action hero of “Die hard” is still doing action roles even at this stage of his age. He is one of the most famous actors of Hollywood. The way he had changed is astonishing.

Drew Barrymore

From playing adorable little Gertie in E.T to turning into a Charlie’s Angel and now all-grown-up, Drew acts, produce directs. She is getting more beautiful with her passing age. She has evolved from cuteness to hotness




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