10 Most Big Budget TV Series of All Time

TV shows are considered inexpensive when compared with movies but some of the series have skyrocketed their budget over the years and they have gained the quality of small screen media, series like Game of Thrones are changing the way we think about TV series.

Below is the list of most expensive TV series of all time. The cost of even one episode of these series is more than the cost of some big screen movies

10. Sense 8 $9 million per episode

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Sense 8 introduced a fascinating case for Netflix. Back in the wild days of 2015, Netflix went on somewhat of a spending quite a some and the Wachowski-made Sense 8 appeared like a perfect match. Netflix permitted Lana and Lily Wachowski to shoot on any area they wanted and to stress over the cost later. The series costed a $9 million for every episode of the first season alongside some a small buzz among audience and a little but enthusiastic fan base. Netflix at that point had an intriguing, pop social contextual analysis commendable choice to make. The series was set in nine different metro location of the world. It turned out that spending 9 million on each episode was not a reasonable cost. Sense 8 was conceded just one more season in addition to a two-hour series finale just to simply wrap thing up.

9. Marco Polo $9 million per episode

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Marco Polo is a relatively indistinguishable ordeal to Sense8 for Netflix. Marco Polo was the first effort of Internet streaming giant Netflix to create a huge budget Game of Thrones killer series in which they failed miserably. The show is about an Italian traveler who enters into China through Silk Road. The series costed Netflix 90 million for 10 episodes. Things went much more inadequately for Marco Polo than they improved the situation Sense8 as Marco Polo accumulated little fan or basic help and bowed out after its second season. Despite everything, it did not dissuade Netflix in its objective for television spending control.

8. Friends $10 million per episode

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In 2003, Friends tenth and last season cost more cash per scene than Sense8, Marco Polo or Rome. A large portion of this is obviously because of the Cast’s high demand for money. Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer all brought home $1 million for every episode individually. That is $6 million for every episode and the rest must have gone to series other expenses.

7. Rome $9.7 million per episode

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The power to see inside the past is very important for television historian when HBO’s series “Rome” is taken into context. The cause for the doom of Rome was its own budget. At $110 million for 12 scenes, it appears that Rome was simply bound to doom no matter how much number of watchers it attracted. In 2005-2007, HBO simply did not have an economy to support the amount of tweets, Facebook posts and other social impressions important to make Rome an HBO’s hit series. Gratefully HBO split the expenses with BBC and were sufficiently satisfied with the experience to give another swords and shields epic a shot a couple of years later.

6. Game of Thrones $10-14 million per episode

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Game of Thrones fans have established a wall of fans around series. Game of Thrones once in a while goes five minutes without giving watchers a scene or succession that seems as though it cost over a year of profit for Little finger’s house of Brothel. The cast is gigantic, and however the regular passings keep things new and conceivably minimal effort for minor character gets, the story has just gotten epic and amazing in scale. So while there will be less Episodes in Season 7 and Season 8, anticipate that both will cost as much as past 10 episodes seasons did.

5. Band of Brothers $12.5 million per episode

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Some time you watch a high budget movie and wonder, “where did all the cash go?” Band of Brothers is the opposite. HBO’s World War II series cost an aggregate of $125 million more than 10 episodes ($12.5 million for every episode). In the event that you have at any point watched Band of Brothers, that $125 million appears to be well spend. This is an unthinkably epic war series. The cast is sweeping, everything is period exact and the action is intense. The series really bring the big-screen spectacle to the TV.

 4. The Crown $13 million per episode


The crown is the series through which Netflix free spending on TV series finally paid off. The Crown is not the most famous show on TV and it surely does not have Game of Thrones-level interest yet it is authentically great and all around enjoyed. It additionally gives Netflix its most noteworthy opportunity to bring home Golden Globes and Emmys for a long time to come. Netflix is more likely than not willing to pay $130 million for 10 Episodes for that. All the spending goes to recreation royal lifestyle.

3. E.R. $13 million per episode

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One of the longest-running present-day dramatizations on TV, ER is a drama during “Must See TV” time, in spite of the fact that the therapeutic hit began off amazingly cost-accommodating. However, the underlying seasons’ financial plan and the last seasons’ financial plan – which were around $2 million an episode and $8 million an episode, There’s no conceivable way it could have kept going its full 15 seasons at $13 million an episode, so it fortunately didn’t need to.

2. The Get Down $16 million per episode


Netflix has four TV appears altogether on this rundown. One was a win, one was a humble achievement and the other two were debacles. Netflix dependably realized that producer Baz Luhrmann’s vision of a hip hop period show would be costly. They were envisioning burning through $120 million aggregate for 12 episodes. That $11 million for each episode mark would have been Netflix’s second most costly show ever after The Crown. Yet, at that point, the spending somewhat just made tracks in an opposite direction from Luhrmann and Netflix. Getting selective rights to music is more costly than one would might suspect and before anybody knew it, The Get Down had swelled to around $200 million aggregate. To make an already difficult situation even worse, The Get Down was then ineffectively got and scratched off after one season.

1. The Pacific $20 million per episode

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Where Band of Brothers concentrated on the Army’s Easy Company and their encounters in Europe post-D-Day, The Pacific would follow story smaller group as they battle on a small island in World War II. In spite of the series to be on a smaller scale, The Pacific had a budget of $200 million spending plan for 10 episodes and utilized the additional mixture to shoot on-scene and put more into VFX work. The outcome was another unambiguous win for HBO and the most costly per episode element to ever show up on TV… until HBO decides to make another epic World War 3 series.


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