People Share The Funniest & Creepiest Things Their Partners Said Whilst Sleepwalking

I know that you can’t hold someone accountable for their actions whilst they are sleeping, but seriously some of the things that these guys have said and done whilst sleepwalking are plain bizarre. If I were their partners I would consider some sort of therapy! The people of Reddit share the funniest and creepiest things their partners said whilst sleepwalking.

1. I rolled over to hug him and he accused me of entering his exclusion zone, and if I proceeded I would be fired upon. – on-the-sea

2. I used to try to wake up before my girlfriend to go to the gym. One morning I got out of bed, slipped into my shoes, opened the door and she whispered very meekly, “Sad… Cold…” I don’t go to the gym very often anymore. – gtheot

3. I woke up to him elbowing me in the side. Looked over and he was scratching his balls. He then reached his hand up to his nose, sniffed, and gently mumbled “my brand!” – taegasaurus

4. She farted loudly enough to wake herself up. Then promptly told me I was gross. rockjoc

5. My mom told me I once said, “Don’t go to that party, they have spaghetti. It’ll mess up your circuits.” Honestly I have no idea.- KingMiguelMCID

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