People Share Horrifying Restaurant Experiences That Made Them Never Want To Go Back.

Going out to eat is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it can be ruined by poor service or unhealthy standards.

Below are the most horrifying stories of people who went to restaurants, and why they won’t be going back!

1. When I was 3 my parents and I were at a pizza place and when the waiter brought out drinks, he spilled them all over me (all three of us got pop so I was sticky). This in itself wasn’t too bad, but when my parents got the check, the realized that they got charged for two sets of drinks, including the ones that were spilled on me! When my dad asked the waiter about this he said “it was only fair”. This is the only time I’ve ever seen my dad not tip.


2. My wife is Celiac. So, really intense real gluten “allergy”.

We get a gluten free menu. It lists chicken and waffles. She orders it. Takes a few bites. Comments that it’s the best gluten free waffle she’s ever tasted.

Starts to feel sick. Asks the waiter. “Oh, the waffle isn’t gluten free, just the chicken.”


3. We got home and realized neither of us had paid the bill.


4. Mexican restaurant I had never been to before. Me and two friends go in, wait for awhile by the door while being stared at by staff, eventually we sat ourselves. A boy no older than ten years old greeted us after a minute and I asked for a water. He said they didn’t have water.

They didn’t have water.

They didn’t have water.

They didn’t have water.


5. Went to a local Mexican place and got a burrito. Took a bite in and found glass.


6. I worked at this place for one day, It was a deli-type place. I had five years kitchen experience and needed the work in a small town.

Within 5 minutes I was questioning their sanitary disposition, with unregulated temperatures, improper disposal methods and general disregard for cleanliness. After a half hour I told myself I needed the money, could look past it, and do my best to make improvements over time… then came the french fry that broke the camel’s back.

Their fryer, they dumped a basket of fries in it, but when it came out, it had a brown film, or sludge over the delicious crispy-fried potato product. I asked if they were going to serve that to the customer, they said yes, it’s the gravy. After further questioning, I found out they… (Continued)

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