DeadMau5 Tells Us What He Really Thinks About Justin Bieber And Skrillex


Continuing his war of words against Justin Bieber and Skrillex, Deadmau5 released a lengthy video tirade. In it, he questions the dubstep producer’s integrity, and calls out Bieber for simply singing a couple catchy hooks on an album he had no hand in producing himself. Deadmau5 says this all in a hail of f-bombs and insults.

DeadMau5 Fires Shots

Renowned EDM producer, Deadmau5, has reignited his beef with both Justin Bieber and Skrillex. Never one to hold back on how he feels, the DJ released a scathing video where he calls out Justin Bieber for not making his own music, and even questions the integrity of producers that work alongside the pop icon.

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With “Purpose”

The Toronto-born producer takes issue with Bieber ‘s latest album Purpose. “I can accept that his album is probably good, I have no qualms with that,” he says in his video rant. “I know decent production when I hear it—that’s not what I’m mad about.”

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