The Internet Just Started A Manhunt For The Guys Torturing A Dog In This Heartbreaking Video

Well, I’m not really happy in sharing this news with you all, but I hope your faith in humanity wasn’t restored much this week, because it will take another hit. If you own pets or you love animals, then proceed with caution because what you are about to see will make your heart sink.

Brace yourselves folks as this is the saddest viral video of the week. This video of a man torturing a poor street dog has been doing rounds on the internet.

While the specifics of the video have not been confirmed yet, several commentator’s online alleges that the incident took place in Chandigarh in northern India.

This 30-second video is the most disturbing thing I have seen so far, a man swinging a dog around by holding its hind legs while the poor animal barks in pain and his nasty friends are laughing in the background.


Yeah, I could hardly watch the whole video. It’s so horrible.

In just two days, this video has been viewed more than a million times and shared over 30,000 times. People who own pets and who don’t both are outraged and quite the reason for it.


We’re inclined to agree. These wretched people deserve the worst. 

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Several people have started signing a petition on hoping to find the culprits and get them prosecuted.

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Currently, we have no information about the identity of the men in the video. But if the Internet does its job, these men will have no place to hide.