Real Look A Like Of Princess Jasmine From ‘Aladdin’

Get ready to become insanely jealous from this stunningly beautiful model who is a literal clone of one of your all-time favorite Disney princesses.

Model Olayinka Mia Noel is the cough up representation of Princess Jasmine as of “Aladdin,” and she all-but inveterate it with her very ~fitting~ Halloween dress this year.

model standing in a grey top and grey pants

Like every little girl, when somebody would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to reply “A princess, definitely.”

Well, DUH.

I totally love my dress up bow overflowing with pastel dresses, kitten heels, tiaras, crowns and sparkly gems.

The Disney Store was my go-to spot to get stocked up on the latest and greatest trends of princess swag.

One the weekends, my best friends would come over to play sip afternoon tea with our badass squad of teddy bears and play dress-up, American Girl Dolls and Beanie Babies. Ken and Barbie’s would always make a causal appearance.

This was my apparently culminate fable — I imagined I was a princess, while longing for really growing up to be one full-time and meet an absolutely nice looking Prince Charming one day.

Yet, it’s Olayinka who is experienced the children’s story IRL in light of the fact that she’s truly Princess Jasmine.

Without a doubt however, this one next to the other correlation is decidedly spot-on. The similitudes will really knock your socks off, so — in the expressions of Scar — be ready…

model dressed up like princess jasmine for halloween

UM, would I be able to have her hair however?! Simply take a gander at that immaculate Princess Jasmine interlace.

model dressed up like princess jasmine for halloween


She subtitled the photo, saying,

#PrincessJasmine this hairstyle took me forever! But it was well worth the effort.

Hell no doubt. Kill, young lady, SLAY.

model dressed up like princess jasmine for halloween

What’s more, here she is calmly singing “A Whole New World” with her own one of a kind Prince Aladdin.

THERE ARE SO MANY FEELS going on right now, I can’t even.