Pagan Officially Sells Out Of Its Second Supercar, The Huayra .. For Now, At Least


If you were on the fence about picking up Pagani’s follow up to the Zonda, the breathy-sounding Huayra, you may have missed the boat. In correspondence with Autoblog, a spokesperson for the brand confirmed that the entire production run of the sports car has sold out.

Production hasn’t ceased, however, as orders of this carefully crafted car need to be fulfilled.

Forgive us if we’re not overcome with grief. Here’s why:

Let’s put aside the simple fact that having one of these in our garage just isn’t in the cards for most of us. Lets also remember that its predecessor, the Pagani Zonda, had over a dozen variants and special editions before they made the “final-final, this time we really mean it” edition, then built at least one more custom ordered one for a Hong Kong-based customer.


A story in GTSpirit says that the run of the supercar was limited to 100 due to an agreement with  Mercedes-AMG allotting only this many of its 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engines. These power plants, incidentally, produce 730 horsepower for the Huayra, giving it 740 pound-feet of torque and is married to a seven-speed sequential gearbox.

It makes sense, and on the surface, it does technically mean that it’s sold out, but given Pagani’s track record, it’s unlikely that these will be the last ones to roll out of assembly. The end of one agreement could mean the start of a new one for a new version of the Huayra, like the rumored roadster version.

In any case, we still adore the Zonda even now, and our love for the Huayra will endure just as long. Pagani, after all, is fulfilling the much needed position of the Italian maker of exotic cars that are as wild to look at as they are to drive, after Lamborghini got all serious on us. As long as we have one of those in the world, we’ll all be just fine.