Equil Smartmarker Next Generation Digital Whiteboard Pen


Even though the stuff written over the whiteboard might be of critical value to somebody, after the meeting is adjourned, all the date is wiped clean. The Equil Smartmarker is, however, an ideal solution to this problem, as it was developed to record the data written on the board and send it to external source.

There is a certain degree of similarity between the Smartmarker and its related product, the Smart Kapp whiteboard, which sends the notes written on it to the world wide web for later viewing. It is good to know, however, that the Swamrtmarker can be used without the special whiteboard.


Two components making up the Smartmarker are the sleeve in which an ordinary, out-of-the-paper store marker is placed and the sensor, which is attached to the magnetic strip, placed on the writing surface using a sticky back side. Any flat surface will work for writing, including walls, glass and whiteboards. The sensor reacts in the area of 4.9 meters by 1.5 meters.

The sleeve mentioned above allows the user to write of any whiteboard surface, with addition of different electronic tips which translate into different colors. The sensor and the sleeve are constantly connected via ultrasonic positioning.


By using Bluetooth the sensor then automatically sends the data to your Android, iOS, Mac OS or Windows-powered device. The sensor itself offers a 4 GB drive for storing the data for later exporting via Bluetooth or USB.

Even editing, sharing and live streaming of notes is possible using the Equil Note app of iOS and Android, as well as using internet services like iCloud, Dropbox and Evernote.

According to their users, boththe sleeve and the sensor’sbattery can last up to 8 hours if used without stopping. The charging is conducted using a charging case issued with every product which can be plugged into any main socket as well as USB port. An estimated 2 hours are needed to charge the Smartmarker from completely empty to 100%.

Source: Equil