Top Reasons It Might Be Healthy To Disappoint Someone In A Relationship


Please don’t misread the title, I absolutely don’t mean to stop you from making your relationship better or get into another relationship. What I’m trying to say is that at times you need to back off from sacrificing your health and well-being for the sake of others. I learned this the other way that trying to keep everyone happy and living up to their expectations – while you are screwing your health and happiness will only lead to disappointment. For many years I was trying to see the right answer for every situation, be it my career or my personal life. Later, I came to realize in most of the situations I have sacrificed myself.

It normally feels bad to disappoint or upset someone you really care about, whether it is a friend or a family member. However, if you are in a relationship that is making you feel unbalanced, frustrated or upset here are few things that you can do to spark the change which could disappoint the other person:

You Are Not Living Your Own Life

We all have been through this, someone living for other person’s approval. For instance, some people became lawyers or doctors when they would rather be an actor or an artist. Sadly, we have seen many people who spend their whole lives for someone else’s happiness and acceptance, this is what needs to be changed, and you should do what makes you happy and not what makes other happy. When you stop living your life according to other person’s expectation it will make you satisfied.

You Are Stuck In A Bad Relationship

Many of us have been in a relationship which is one-sided. One person gives and the other person takes. If the relationship makes you feel drained and unhappy or abused, then it’s time for you to consider how good your life will be without a relationship.

You Are Stuck At A Job That Doesn’t Makes You Happy

You might feel that you are stuck at a job that doesn’t brings you happiness. It is common to start with high hopes, thinking that you have settled well at a great job where you have found good co-workers etc. only to realize that with time this is not what you were looking for. However, even when you have realized that the job and the organization is not what you wanted and it makes you sad, you still have to deal with it. While it’s not a good idea to normally change jobs, if you know you have come to a point that is dead end for you there is no turning the situation around, it is wise that you reassess your situation. You might not be working in a field that is potential for your experience. In such a case moving on to something that makes you happy is a better approach, even it will makes other who are dependent on you very upset.