6 Differences Between A Man Who Loves You And A Man Who Is Poisoning Your Life


Finding ‘Real’ love is not as easy as it seems. It is far more difficult when you are not really clear in your head whether it is love or just mixed up feelings. But deep down, we all know there is a voice in our head that just wouldn’t shut up. Have you ever been in a situation, asking yourself whether the man you are with right now, is he there for the right reason or not. In this post, we will be giving you an insight on the difference between a man who truly loves you as compared to a man who is just wasting your time.

Tolerant Vs. Respectful

The right guy, the guy who loves you, will respect everything about you and will appreciate you for your different opinions. Whereas the guy who tells you that your opinion is wrong or agrees to let you think what you want without believing that your opinion is as important as theirs.

Controlling Vs. Encouraging

A man who truly loves his lady love will always encourage her to follow new experiences and opportunities.  The man who loves her rightfully may also introduce new and potential opportunities to her. But the most interesting thing is that he will never force her into something she is not comfortable with.

Cruel Vs. Honest

Men who love their girls will tell them honestly what they need to hear. For example, if you ask him how you look in blue skirt and he asks you to change it, that doesn’t mean that he’s being evil. He is simply being honest. But, if a man who insults you on things like your style or asks you to lose weight, you need to get rid of such a loser. Such a person does these things because he doesn’t love you.

Clingy Vs. Affectionate

Do you want a man in your life who texts, call or wants to meet you 24/7? Well, I’m sure you do and it sounds hell good, but think of it this way the need of constantly checking up on you or getting a reassurance of their place in your life is an indication that he is in this relation more for himself than for you. A clingy man has serious emotional problems and wants to spend time or talk to you so he feels confirmed not for you to feel good.

Possessive Vs. Protective

It’s natural to be protective about something you care for. For example, if you two are at a club and he keeps you close with his arms around your shoulders that is cool. But, if doesn’t allow you to go anywhere alone or starts fighting when you talk to another guy, then he is definitely possessive.

Interested Vs. Serious

A man who is not serious about you and is only interested will talk you when it’s convenient for him. This should be expected when your relationship is in its early stage. But, if you two have been in a relationship for more than an year or you two are committed and he still talks to you only when it’s convenient for him then it’s not a good sign, he is obviously not in love. You will know that he is the right man, when you take a step back and analyze your relationship, your interactions and your overall level of happiness.