20 Excuses We All Heard From Men Who Just Weren’t That Into Us

No matter what your age is or what kind of dating experience you have, reading men’s interest in  you can be as difficult as anything.

Many men like to stay a mystery, because they are too much in love with their privacy and are not ready to open up to anyone until they are ready to make a huge commitment. God bless the guy who tells you his intentions beforehand.

But for many men, catching on to their slight signals can be the easiest way to convey their message and avoid the unnecessary heartbreak.  So if you are not really sure what he is trying to say to you then read along and take a trip down the memory lane as we go through these 20 crappy excuses guys make to reject US.

  1. “I’ve been so busy lately.”

Oh! Really, that’s why he is ignoring you all this time behaving like you never existed. Wow, I can bet you feel super better now that you know.

  1. “I’m not looking forward for any relationship at the moment.”

Flash forward three months from now and there are engagement picture of him and his new fiancée. What a jerk!

  1. “I just got out of a serious relationship.”

And definitely, it means there is never going to be any chance for him to get into another one. Bullshit!

  1. “I’m afraid of commitment.”

This seems to be the biggest fear of his life and he just can’t deal with it.

  1. “I’m scared I would hurt you.”

Yes, please go ahead reject me now, this doesn’t hurt at all. Huh!

  1. “I’m a bad texter.”

OMG, Seriously replying to my “Hey” text was that difficult.

  1. “I met someone else.”

What? When? How? We literally spend EVERY night together.

  1. “I’m focusing on my career right now.”

And, of course, that means if you get in a relationship I’m going to demand high-maintenance all the time from you. Guys, seriously, you make me laugh.

  1. “I don’t believe in monogamous relationships.”

OK, you make me speechless.

  1. “I’m just not ready for a serious relationship.”

Nor have you ever been in one, so there’s that.

  1. “I don’t want to rush into anything too soon.”

Yeah, right, we have been seeing each other for a year and you still want to take some more time.

  1. “I just think you’re too good for me.”

It doesn’t matter, I think we are a good match….but really that was the smoothest line ever.

  1. “I wouldn’t be the boyfriend you deserve right now.”

Why not? You were good so far, you will be better in future too.

  1. “I just moved here and need time to adjust.”

Oh really and I guess I’m such a HUGE disadvantage to this whole “adjustment” process.

  1. “I don’t really have time for a girlfriend right now.”

Again, seriously am I that time-consuming and high-maintenance.

  1. “I don’t think I’m the right guy for you.”

But the fact that I do seem to be completely irrelevant…? Right. Because I can’t think for myself.

  1. “I’m going through some family stuff right now.”

Oh, I love that excuse, seriously, you can’t fight this one. But yeah, if you were really going through one why did you started a fling in the first place.

  1. “I really want to be single, for now.”

You also really just don’t want to date me.

  1. “I want to enjoy being young and going out, for now.”

And, in fact, that is something we just can’t do together.

  1. “I don’t want a relationship to come between our friendship.”