Spoiler Room: Scoop on Empire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Grey’s, and more


I’m absolutely loving Empire, so why don’t you ever offer up any scoop on it? — Brad
Calm down. Next week’s episode is probably the season’s juiciest yet, which is thanks to Courtney Love’s arrival as an Empire singer who hasn’t had a hit in years. She’ll find an ally in Cookie, who’s on edge once she finds out about Lucius’s impending marriage to Anika. (So much for his flowery romantic gesture last week!) Plus, someone in the family finally discovers the secret about Bunkie, and the question is who he/she will tell first once the secret’s out!

Bradley Whitford as Peralta’s dad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is brilliant casting. Do you have any scoop? — Andy
The arrival of Peralta’s absentee father, an airline pilot who spent more time in the air than with his son, will shed more light on Jake’s daddy issues. “Jake yearns for a father figure,” Andy Samberg tells me. “He shows up and Jake is really excited because he always hoped he would be in his life more. They have it out a little bit. It’s about he and Jake reconnecting and Jake coming to terms with the reality of who his dad is.” Fun scene scoop from executive producer Dan Goor: “There’s a moment where Jake introduces him to Holt and they’re both dressed [alike], they’re both holding their hats and they look over at Jake and he goes, ‘This is super weird for me.’”  

Meredith and Derek are going to be OK on Grey’s Anatomy, right? — Sandra
It sounds like it since Meredith will soon attempt to visit Derek in D.C. for a sex-filled weekend, but she’ll hit a couple road blocks in trying to find someone to care for the kids—you’ll be surprised by who steps up to the plate. Bonus scoop: Some of Arizona’s deep dark secrets come out that actually make Dr. Herman like her more.

When are we going to see Tom again on The Blacklist? — Tina
Remember when I teased that Liz will find herself in hot water because of Tom killing the harbor master? It sounds like that’s when he’ll conveniently come back into her life. “Tom killed that guy and Liz was there,” executive producer John Eisendrath says. “The residual effect of that is going to come back and be something that will haunt both of them, and in fact, might put Liz in some jeopardy and require Tom to decide whether or not he’s going to assist in helping Liz get out of the trouble that he, in many ways, put her in.”

What’s going to happen now that Sam’s body has been found onHow to Get Away with Murder? — Kylie
As you may have spotted in the promo, Hannah has a very good idea of what really happened to her brother. “She becomes wildly suspicious once he turns up dead,” Marcia Gay Harden says. “It’s obvious why she would become wildly suspicious. At that point, it feels like her attention is focused on Annalise and she goes for the jugular.”

Anything on the new season of Bates Motel? — Richie
After someone makes a pointed remark about Norman and Norma’s unique relationship, Mama Bates will decidedly take some drastic measures to put some distance between them. Though, after she gets some bad news of her own, it ends up being a flimsy attempt. However, Norman will finally take a step towards putting his focus on another woman for once—two, actually, and he does so in verydifferent ways.

Do you have any New Girl scoop? — Nancy
Winston is about to pull a Magic Mike and become a stripper… at least that’s what he tells his new fling when he discovers some disheartening news about her. “It’s a relationship he’s trying to get going with a woman who doesn’t like cops,” executive producer Brett Baer says. “He tries very hard to get away with not letting her know that, but ultimately has to come to terms with the fact that he’s a police officer.”

When are we going to see the 12 Monkeys flashback where Leland Goines first met Cole in the ’80s? — Frederick  
I’ve seen the first seven episodes already and it does not happen during that time, but it will happen at some point during the first season. “We will visit 1987 and Cole and Leland Goines will cross paths in a completely unexpected place and in a completely exciting, thrilling way. It may or may not involve a foreign country,” executive producer Natalie Chaidez tells me, hinting that we may get more information on the roots of the virus. “The history that’s revealed won’t just be personal. It’ll be about the 12 Monkeys’ ultimate agenda.”

How will Mindy share her big news with Danny on The Mindy Project? — James
The trouble is that every time she tries to break the baby news, some new challenge arises, the worst of which is Danny’s father and sister showing up in New York, causing Mindy to realize she isn’t quite as a part of the Castellano family as she would’ve hoped. The news will come out soon, however, and you’ll be surprised by who finds out first.

What’s going to happen to Condé on Reign now that his brother is causing trouble at the castle? — Caitlin
There are certainly two sides to every story—and every royal, it seems. With big brother Antoine sticking around for a bit, the political drama between the families will “come to a boiling point with some pretty intense results,” Sean Teale says. But the real question is whether Condé is as good as he seems. “There are multiple shades to everyone on this show,” he continues. “And a lot of the situations that come up bring up the best and worst in people.” Let’s hope the worst of Condé doesn’t look anything like Antoine.