Top 12 really creepy ballet moments in film and TV

black_swan (1)

Ballet adds a bizarre and spooky effect to many films and TV shows.

Ballet involves hardwork and much concentration. Dancers perform dance steps that are exhausting and unusual with legs, feet and arms turned out to such angles that they start aching. With backs bending to an angle of 90 degree and more, and the female dancer’s entire weight resting on the points of their toes, a ballet dance is really painful but at the same time fantastic and challenging. We have seen the male dancers lifting the female dancers, throwing them in the air and catching them again. And the whole thing creates terror and a creepy effect.


Here are the 12 most creepy ballet moments in films and TV:

12. Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Once More With Feeling

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The set-up: Someone had summoned a demon who compelled everyone to act as if they were in a musical until some of them danced to death. Thinking it was Buffy’s sister Dawn, the demon kidnapped her.

Ballet: Dawn tries to escape the demons through the medium of contemporary ballet.

Spooky Factor: This scene was inspired by the dream ballet sequences of 1940s and 1950s musicals which are considered spooky by some of us. The over-sized heads of the demons attacking Dawn adds to the terror.

11. Angelina Ballerina – Angelina and Roquefort’s Rythmic Ghost

Angelina Ballerina, Angelina and Roquefort’s Rhythmic ghost

The set-up: In one of the episodes, Ballerina and her friends were convinced that they were in a dance off with a ghost.

Ballet: This episode is only about tap and hip-hop. Two of the girls are seen in tutus.

Spooky Factor: The mysterious knocking sound is quite creepy. We also found it to be spooky when it was revealed to be a woodpecker.

10. Doctor Who, Asylum Of The Daleks:

Doctor Who, Asylum Of The Daleks

The set-up: Amy loses her protection against a nanogene cloud which will convert her into a Dalek so that she would serve its system.

Ballet: Generic twirling

Spooky Factor: Amy finds an unusual group of people in a room including a young girl wearing a white ballet costume. An alien asylum full of insane Daleks creates a spooky factor.

9. The Cabin In The Woods:

The Cabin In The Woods

The set-up: As the kids explore the cabin’s basement while playing, Holdens opens a musical box with a twirling ballerina in it.

Ballet: It involves mostly turning around and twirling

Spooky Factor: When seen from behind, The Sugarplum Fairy seemed to be a young ballet dancer wearing a pink tutu. When Marty approached her, she turned around and showed a huge lamprey-type mouth in place of a face. The film shows hundreds and hundreds of monsters which is too horrific.

8. The Twilight Zone, Five Characters In Search Of An Exit:


The set-up: A Major was found to be within the high walls of a mysterious metallic room accompanied by a ballet dancer, a clown, a bagpiper and a homeless man.

Ballet: There were only a few ballet poses in the beginning.

Spooky Factor: The entire set-up in this mysterious room, including a clown, a ballet dancer and the screeching sound of bagpipes, is creepy.

7. Innocence


The set-up: This is a 2004 French Drama in which young girls arrived at school in coffins and were not allowed to escape. Later they were released into the world of boys. In between they did a lot of ballet dances.

Ballet: A short routine in which girls revealed the life cycle of butterflies throung dance.

Spooky Factor: When we discover where the girls go at night is a bit spooky.

6. Suspiria


The set-up: Susan, a new student who arrives at a well-known ballet school in Germany and she finds it difficult to get out of the school alive.

Ballet: We can see few generic ballet steps danced in the practice room.

Spooky Factor: On the whole, this is one of the spookiest film on the list. The scene in which Susan being adversely affected by a strange old woman, faints and starts bleeding from the mouth and nose, is quite memorable.

5. Supernatural, Out With The Old

Supernatural, Out With The Old

The set-up: A pair of pink pointe shoes were sold by its former owner’s son among several cursed objects. These were magic shoes that attracted the wearer.

Ballet: The music in the cold atmosphere is from the Swan Lake. Probably, this is what the ballet dancer is rehearsing.

Spooky Factor: An unfortunate female ballet dancer dances in such a frenzy that she entirely destroys her feet and she appears to die on the spot, perhaps from either heart attack or severe blood loss.

4. Angel, Waiting In The Wings

Angel, Waiting In The Wings

The set-up: Angel gets tickets to the ballet and finds that he has seen the same ballet performed earlier which was something impossible.

Ballet: Giselle

Spooky Factor: It is about a group of ghostly women, including spurned lover Giselle herself, who forces men to dance untill they die. Most of the scenes in the ballet are fairly spooky.

3. Black Swan

black_swan (1)

The set-up: Nina Sayers is excited to win the part of Odette in Swan Lake, but struggles with Odette’s darker counterpart, Odile, the Black Swan. Eventually, she feels strange things happening to her body and looking in the mirror seems unnerving.

Ballet: Swan Lake with an altered ending.

Spooky Factor: Black Swan is a psychological horror including spooky dancing scenes and many scary sequences. The climatic Black Swan sequence ending with Nina sprouting hugh black wings is creepy enough.

2. Fringe, Marionette

Fringe, Marionette

The set-up: Roland, an old man is obsessed with a young ballerina who committed suicide. He becomes determined to make her alive and dance with her again.

Ballet: Something resembling generic ballet steps but fails to achieve that.

Spooky Factor: A scene in which Roland hooks ballerina Amanda’s body with her mouth held shut with ribbon, up to a mechanical device and manipulates it to perform a ballet, accompanied by a spooky music and effects is something very scary.

1. The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes

The set-up: It’s a story of a young ballerina, Vicky who is torn between her lover, composer Julian Craster, and her obsessive director Lermontov.

Ballet: Swan Lake and The Red Shoes, a 15-minute ballet dance based on the Hans Christian Anderson short story.

Spooky Factor: The dramatic and eye-catching performance of The Red Shoes is quite spooky in itself.