Five essential No Man’s Sky mods

Before you start dabbling with mods, you should know that game altering mods might affect the games you saved. We recommend using No Man’s Savegame Manager, engineered by leepfrog, because it creates backups of every save point you reached while tool is running – so if your save file gets corrupted, you could restore an earlier one.

First – More Creatures


Made by Pamehabai6, this mod allows you to tweak the number of creatures that can be found on a planet. However, as the modder explains, the highest you should go is two times the original amount of creatures, because going above that will affect your performance negatively, and that means your gaming experience will suffer.

Second – Bigger Creatures


Also made by Pamehabai6, this mod addresses one of the most common player complaints about No Man’s Sky – big creatures are a rare sight. With this mod you’ll be able to change creature sizes, so big animals could become more common, and it also allows you to experiment with different sizes for more variety when you’re exploring planets.

Third – Denser Forests


Made by madvillain, this mod allows you to manipulate the density of forests, so forget those barely forested planets thanks to this great creation. You will be able to make forests as dense as you wish with the aim is a more immersive game experience.

Fourth – Lowflight by Hytek


Say goodbye to the annoying restriction of your flying in vanilla No Man’s Sky with this mod by Hytek. No more crash and underwater landings preventing, no more ban on ground level flight, this mod allows you to fly as low as you wish and even pilot your ship underwater if that’s what you like. And, as an added bonus, if you want to fly faster, Hytek has a QuickFlight mod for you.

Fifth – Fast Actions


Thanks to Shadwar and his mod, you won’t have to hold the mouse click to complete actions in No Man’s Sky anymore. The mod removes the “hold x to complete” requirement from all actions you can perform in game, leaving you able to click like in any other game, and with more time for performing useful actions.