The Jet Black iPhone 7 Is Sold Out Even Before It’s Released


If you have your heart fixed on owning the sleek n ‘stylish’ Jet Black iPhone 7 this month, then it seems like you are not in luck – because they just all got sold out.

The official release date of iPhone 7 is September 16, but when the pre-orders for the phone started on Friday morning, there was a mad house for the black shiny phone.

No need to worry, though!

You can still own this beauty if you have a strong desire for it, but you have to wait for a few weeks.

But if you’re feeling particularly ambitious and long for the Jet Black iPhone 7 plus, you may have to wait all the way until November to actually receive it.

For anyone who is as edgy as I am, you might want to go for other color choices like silver, gold or rose gold or matte black – which all have delivery dates around September 16.

If Jet Black iPhone 7 is the only iPhone 7 you want, then my honest suggestions take out your credit card and pre-order one, so maybe you receive it by Christmas.