People Are Pissed At How Hideous The Beast Is In New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Pics

nepp60ddp3wtss_3_b“A story as old as time and a song as old as a rhyme….Beauty and The Beast…has captured the attentions of many….”

Somebody make me stop, I can keep on going on and on all night long.

This summer season, Disney fans learned that soon they will see a live-action remake of the classic fairy-tale “Beauty And The Beast.

The star of the film will be Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Steves as the Beast.  Over the last month we have been teased with fresh images and trailers of the awesome costumes and animations.

But now, we finally have a first look at what Emma Watson and Dan Stevens will really look like in their roles.

The co-stars showed up on the front of Entertainment Weekly –Emma wearing her outfit and Dan in his cover. Don’t they look mind blowing?!

Be that as it may, many individuals appear to be pissed about the new stills from “Magnificence and the Beast.”

As per a pack of Instagram clients, the Beast’s outfit — primarily his face — doesn’t coordinate up to what individuals imagined.


For one thing, many individuals only straight-up thought the Beast looked too appalling.

Beauty And The Beast comments

Beauty and the beast instagram comments

comments about Beauty And The Beast


UHHHH, you all understand he should be a BEAST, isn’t that so? Da fuck you anticipating? HE HASN’T TRANSFORMED YET.

Other individuals were disturbed the Beast’s horns were so purported on the grounds that they didn’t recall that them from the first story.

Beauty and the beast instagram comments

Instagram comment about beauty and the beast

Gracious PLEASE. Cry me a waterway. The Beast looks fantastic and any individual who thinks generally needs to go snuggle in bed alone and listen to “Be Our Guest” until they wail.

Disney is breathing life into our adolescence, PEOPLE. This crap is supernatural AF.

“Magnificence and the Beast” doesn’t turn out until March of one year from now, however ideally another trailer drops soon on the grounds that I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT.

Presently, where was I?