25 Signs He’s Treating You Like His Side Piece Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Read These Tips

2344182_origThere is this special guy in your life and you both have been hooking up for months or maybe YEARS at this point of life.

Despite your tremendous efforts, you are in an awkward position because you have feelings for him, even though your and his friends both have warned you about him. Cause honey, he is BAD news.

He is one of those people who never have been able to give you what you deserve, but you keep reminding yourself that maybe one day things will get better and things might change.

You somewhere know that you are better and you deserve the best, yet you still keep looking for signs to prove that you are not his side chick.

You are not the lady he keeps waiting in the wings while he is hanging out with other girls or maybe his guy friends.

Well, here is the thing I hate to break this to you, but here is the bad news, if the odds are that you are worried about being his side piece then most probably you ARE the side piece.

So here are these 25 proven signs that you need to check out now and make the right decision. Confirm it in your head for what’s going on and then move to bigger and better stuff.

  1. You only talk to each other on weekends.
  2. Most of the interaction between you two are when drunk.
  3. You two have never been on a real date.
  4. He doesn’t crack any jokes with you.
  5. You guys communicate mostly through Snapchat.
  6. And still he is not your best friend on Snapchat.
  7. You have absolutely no mutual friends.
  8. He makes zero effort to interact with your social circle.
  9. If you ever try to propose the idea of him meeting your family, he loses his head.
  10. He has shared nothing about his personal life.
  11. The only reason you both are hanging out with each other is to have sex.
  12. When he is with you, he spends all his time on his phone.
  13. He is already hooked up with a lot of your friends.
  14. He is in a lot of relationships, but he has never once asked you out the right way.
  15. He always tells you now are the time to be single.
  16. You only hang out with him on his terms.
  17. And usually, that results in only meeting at midnight.
  18. He doesn’t talk about you much; even his roommates don’t know your name.
  19. He is super secretive with his phone and laptop.
  20. He doesn’t remember anything that you ever tell him.
  21. He doesn’t tell you a lot about his life, you can tell he is holding back.
  22. If you ever try to tag him in a photo, he will instantly remove it.
  23. If you ever ask a mutual friend about him, they will always tell you about him and his ex.
  24. You always think where you stand with him.
  25. Any meaningful conversation you’ve ever had has been while you guys were hammered.

I know it really hurts, but at least you know!