10 Unusual Then And Now Pics To Make Your Day

We admit it – we’re all about nostalgia. That’s why we love then and now pictures just as much as anyone else. These then and now pictures, however, might just make you feel a little old. Never mind – it’s totally worth it.

1. Nickelodeon Studios, fading away.

Pics 1

2. The Teletubbies baby all grown up.

Pics 2

3. Gymnasts at the Olympics, look how far they’ve come.

Pics 3

4. Comparing Cartoon Network shows is an eye-opener.

Pics 4

5. Pokémon, just as addictive as it used to be.

Pics 5

6. Cuteness overload.

Pics 6

7. Steve Urkel, what happened?!

Pics 7

8. Jurassic Park, a never-ending story.

Pics 8

9. “New York, New York, I want to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep…”

Pics 9

10. Lara Croft, the years have changed you.

Pics 10