Toby The Hipster Dog Has More Style Than Most Humans

Toby the little Maltese terrier has managed to win over the hearts of 100,000 Instagram followers with his trendy dress sense and just all round amazing cuteness.

Toby the Maltese terrier is not like other dogs. He’s got more style than any other pup, and than most humans, really.


His owner Joyce Chen from Vancouver has been photographing Toby for the last three years. She says he loves a good photoshoot and isn’t bothered by wearing clothes.

Dog 2

Dog 2a

The 10-year-old Maltese cutie made for a perfect dress-up pup when Joyce discovered he wasn’t bothered by frames. While other dogs will tilt their heads and try to get them off, Toby never seemed to mind them.

Dog 3

Joyce says the reason people love Toby so much is because his eyes “look very human”.

Dog 4

Dog 4a

This is, according to Joyce, also the reason he manages to pull off the spectacles so well.

Dog 5

However, looking fabulous doesn’t come cheap. Joyce spends up to $80 per ensemble.

Dog 6

Toby loves photoshoots because they involve a lot of treats. According to Joyce, taking a photo takes a few minutes, then the pup’s clothes come off and it’s treat time.

Dog 7

Dog 7a

“I try to stick with the hipster theme. Thick-rimmed glasses, bow ties, plaid shirts and hats are is signature look,” says Joyce.

Dog 8

Meanwhile, life goes on, while everyone realizes there is a dog out there who is cooler than them.

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