This Guy Photoshopped His Dog Into A Giant And It’s The Best Thing Ever

Everyone dreams of having a giant furry friend and Chris Cline from Minnesota made his own dream come true. Well, kind of. He turned his Goldendoodle pup Juji into Clifford the Big Red Dog with a little help from his good friend Photoshop. The BFF duo goes on all kinds of adventures together, and if you’re insanely jealous of Cline’s giant pet, he can turn yours into a massive buddy too for a small fee.

Meet Chris Cline and Goldendoodle Juji.

This is actually Juji’s real size. Obviously, in the rest of the photos, Juji is slightly larger.


Chris and Juji are the best of friends.

Dog 2

They love to hang out together, and they especially enjoy the park.

Dog 3

They go on all kinds of adventures together.

Dog 4

They like to visit new places. Juji especially loves being near the water…

Dog 5

…See? Winter or summer, if there’s water, Juji’s in.

Dog 6

Together, Chris and Juji have seen things. Really, really funny things…

Dog 7

…And  countless beautiful sunsets.

Dog 8

Sometimes Chris carries Juji on his back during hikes. Juji is just a pup, after all.

Dog 9

What’s really important though, is to take the time to reflect on life…

Dog 10

…And art…

Dog 11

…And most importantly, friendship.

Dog 12

Because when you find that one soulmate…

Dog 13

…Who understands you, even when you say nothing at all…

Dog 14

…Life is just one big beautiful experience.

Dog 15