This Blind Kitty Has The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

The Puss In Boots feels are strong with this one. Jasmine was a stray until Sandra Coudray adopted her. She was shy and afraid of other animals and humans. Now, after some tender love and care, Jasmine may be blind, but she’s got a warm home and unconditional love.

This mesmerizing set of eyes belongs to Jasmine, a stray kitty found in the streets of France.


The gorgeous feline was found and taken to an animal shelter.

Kitty 2

A picture of her was shared on the Association Adoption Feline Facebook page, and Sandra Coudray fell in love instantly.

Kitty 3

Jasmine was shy and scared of people and other animals. On top of that, she was blind, most likely because of malnutrition.

Kitty 4

With a bit of tender love and car, Jasmine learned to trust again, and she got really attached to her human Sandra.

Kitty 5

In fact, when Sandra took a trip to Normandy and left Jasmine in the care of her brother, the beautiful feline waited for Sandra’s return.

Kitty 6

In fact, she spent almost the entire day on Sandra’s bed, every day her human was gone.

Kitty 7

Sandra can’t imagine life without Jasmine now. “She can not do without us, and we can’t do without her,” she says.

Kitty 8

“She brings so much love and joy.”

Kitty 9