The Japanese Balloon Sculptor Who’s Gonna Exceed All Of Your Expectations

These delightful balloon sculptures are the astounding work of Masayoshi Matsumoto, a Japanese artist. He isn’t a party shyster, rolling out gimmicks for a quick buck. This guy puts that breed to shame. His dedication and precision ensure inspiration. Check ’em out!

1. He doesn’t even use adhesives or markers on these. The flamingo looks fit for flight!


2. Another jellyfish tried to mate with this one.

Balloon 2

3. Yep, the gleam of this one is so realistic, it is a little unsettling. Job well done.

Balloon 3

4. Watch closely. He might just leap atcha.

Balloon 4

5. AH! Imagine those fangs getting into you.

Balloon 5

6. Beautiful coat, toro!

Balloon 6

7. The beady eye knows your secrets.

Balloon 7

8. Kinda sinister, no?’

Balloon 8

9. The artist also makes balloon sculptures based on popular culture characters and fantasy figures. With these, he does use sparing touches of marker.

Balloon 9

10. Imagine the hours this would take! Remove pins, needles and pets from your home.

Balloon 10

11. Cute things!

Balloon 11

12. These little guys would be quite a present.

Balloon 12

13. Road Runner lives!

Balloon 13

14. That bear on the left is insane!

Balloon 14

15. Grumpy bird. Mouths to feed.

Balloon 15

16. Owl knows best.

Balloon 16

17. He may be made of little more than thin air and creative determination, but most people run from him.

Balloon 17