A New Mom, Her Baby And The Cat That Protects Them

Panda is a two-year-old adopted cat and he fell utterly in love with his pregnant owner. Panda would constantly sit on Liel Ainmar Assayag’s belly and patiently wait for the new arrival. Then Sean was born and Panda absolutely lost the plot and fell head over paws for the little guy. Sean is now three-months-old and Panda will not leave his side.

Liel Ainmar Assayag fell pregnant and suddenly her adopted cat Panda would not leave her side.


“Once I got pregnant she started following me around the house, tucking her head on my belly, purring,” said Assayag.

Cat 2

Waiting as patiently as her owner, Panda stayed close until the due date.

Cat 3

Then Sean was born and Panda could not get enough of her tiny new friend.

Cat 4

New mom, baby and cat are now one happy threesome. “You can clearly see she loved him from the beginning,” said Assayag.

Cat 5

Panda is not the only cat in the house that loves Sean, he is surrounded by love everywhere he sleeps.

Cat 6