16 Adorable Before & After Pics Of Kittens Growing Up Too Fast

These before and after photos of our furry best friends should warm everyone’s hearts. Even though these fierce little tigers are fully grown now, we’ll somehow always remember them as the cute kittens they used to be.

1. The bed clearly belongs to her.


2. They grow up so fast.

Adorable 2

3. Curious cat remained curious.

Adorable 3

4. “Stop talking nonsense, I still fit.”

Adorable 4

5. That face!

Adorable 5

6. Enjoying the simple things in life.

Adorable 6

7. She might need a bigger sofa.

Adorable 7

8. Model cat started early.

Adorable 8

9. Old habits die hard.

Adorable 9

10. Best parrot ever.

Adorable 10

11. Some things never change.

Adorable 11

12. Classy as always.

Adorable 12

13. “Look at ME!”

Adorable 13

14. Cat with an attitude.

Adorable 14

15. “Where you go, I go.”

Adorable 15

16. Did the teddy bear shrink?

Adorable 16