11 Dogs’ Weight Loss Journeys And The Remarkable Results

Think having a little chubby dog is cute? Think again! According to recent studies, dogs suffer significantly when overweight. The non-profit veterinarian organization PDSA now helps overweight dogs to become their smaller, healthier selves again. Many organizations around the world that recently started doing the same – and the results are simply stunning.

1. You go, girl! Gloria joined the dog boot camp.

Gloria – the dog, not the girl – used to not only be overweight, but obese. Living in Australia, the dog got to join a boot camp and is all about it.


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2. Millie reduced her body weight by 22 percent.

Before, she had been indulging in rotisserie meats and way too much pudding. Due to her astonishing weight loss, she gets to live a healthy and happy life again.

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3. This chubby little bundle of joy lost 50 pounds.

Obie used to be terribly obese. His former owners had spoiled the dachshund so badly that he could hardly walk anymore. The new owner, however, wanted Obie to live a healthy, happy life again. Put on a strict diet, Obie had to perform regular bootcamp exercises as well as long walks. After his incredible weight-loss journey, he even had to have excess skin removed. Now he gets to finally enjoy the perks of an active lifestyle.

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4. Astonishing weight-loss in only six weeks.

Jealous, much? The adorable Gus has lost all his extra puppy fat in only six weeks. However, he did have professional help. Barry Karacostas, creator of an urban fitness program for dogs, has not only facilitated Gus’ weight loss but also that of many other dogs. For example Elle Macpherson’s dogs… just saying.

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5. Billie the Cocker Spaniel lost 15 pounds.

When Billie first came to the PDSA, he could hardly walk up the stairs. After being put on a healthy diet, he got to be  a happy little pup again.

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6. Juliet can now find her Romeo.

Juliet the pug has lost significant weight being part of the same doggy boot camp. Combined with a healthy diet, she will hopefully manage to maintain her weight. The secret of shedding those pounds? Interval training, dog runs and no snacking in between the meals.

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7. Ditching pizza and burgers.

Due to eating too many pizzas and burgers, Danny the little Dachshund pup was about five times a normal size for his breed. When he walked, he had to stop every two minutes to catch his breath. After quitting the unhealthy human diet and committing to some serious workout sessions, Danny lost all his excess weight. Good on you, Danny!

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8. Border Collie Merlin lost 24 pounds.

Merlin’s extra weight even caused arthritis. The only thing he wanted to do was sleep. Now he lives a more active lifestyle and he has been put on a good dog diet.

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9. ‘Slimmer of the year’.

Daisy had been a little lazy. In fact, she had been crazy lazy and ended up  40 percent overweight. A popular UK dog health club crowned her ‘slimmer of the year’ after she had completed her inspiring weight-loss journey. Since she had lost 27 percent of her body fat, Daisy quit being lazy and became real crazy… OK, OK, OK. Enough.

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10. Exercise helped saving Maddison’s life.

This cute lady was so overweight that vets were actually fearing for her life. She had been fed too many fatty treats such as cake, chips and even pizza. After an considerable amount of exercise and a controlled diet,Maddison looks a lot healthier now.

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11. Rescue dog Maxo.

With the help of an online bootcamp program, Maxo found his old self again. Australian vet and weight-loss expert Dr. Charlotte Williamson helped Maxo enhance his life quality. According to her, overfeeding your dog can be a dangerous thing to do: “While you think you are being kind to your dog by giving him extra treats, obesity in dogs actually causes really nasty health affects such as arthritis, tumours and diabetes.”

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If you want your dog to lose those extra pounds…

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