About Hype Feeds

Consider Hypefeeds.com your mind’s travel agent, sending you on a mental vacation whenever you need one.
We specialise in entertainment, news, and scouring the web for its hidden gems so that you don’t have to.
Here, you’ll find everything from back-flipping goats to inspiring individuals, from comedy shows to breaking news.
We’re the pug you wish you had, so come to us when it all gets to hard, for a loving lick on the face.

Our Mission:

Hypefeeds.com is holed up in an office in Florida, U.S.A. monitoring current events, curating the best content for the web, and bringing you the most entertaining, engaging and though-provoking content out there. We produce bite-sized, digestable articles and videos, called ‘Mind Candy’, which has become some of the most shared content on the internet!

Our Content:

We’re busy creating unique, relevant content to provide you with a stimulating ‘mental vaction’ during your day. We aim to be your first port of call for entertainment, media, and gaming news. We’ve done the hard work so that you can come here, relax, be entertained, or get up to date with what’s going on in the world.